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We  strive to be the best example a non profit can be while supporting those affected by Epilepsy.  To us that means doing a few things:

- We believe in giving back through community projects and partnership.  We help better our communities while partnering with local businesses who believe in our cause--it's a win-win.

-We believe in transparency.  Donations are something that we believe all non-profits should be a good steward of and we believe in illustrating exactly where your donations are going to.  Currently, we have partnered with the non-profit hospital, Mayo Clinic.

-We believe in bringing awareness to Epilepsy.  If you or someone you know is affected by Epilepsy, we need your support!  If you're willing to help out, please see the "Make A Difference" link to get in contact.


We want to share your story with the world--your struggles, your success, your journey!

If you have a story that would like to share, we would like to hear about it and show our support.  Let other people who may be unfamiliar with Epilepsy hear first-hand what Epilepsy is and is not, and how it affects you or your family. Please get in touch with us via the "Make A Difference" link and we can wok together to further increase Epilepsy Awareness.